Spekr CBD Drops
Spekr CBD Drops
Spekr CBD Drops
Spekr CBD Drops

Spekr CBD Drops

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REAL INGREDIENTS: Coconut-Derived MCT Oil (Caprylic Acid & Capric Acid), Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol (CBD), Fruit-Derived Cherry MCT Flavoring, Fruit-Derived Tangerine MCT Flavoring, and Tangerine Essential Oil

We have created an ingredients list that gives you the highest quality CBD dropper bottle on the market today. We are a small batch company, and due to high demand and lack of supply, we only have a limited number of these dropper bottles available!

We offer a flavored and unflavored version of our drops. Our flavored drops are inspired by the strain Forbidden Fruit (Cherry Pie x Tangie). The unique Forbidden Fruit Flavor (ZERO-THC) will give you a tasty, calm, and happy sensation.

The drops have zero-THC, 99% hemp-derived CBD isolate in the whole bottle and one full dropper is equal to one dose, at 16mg per dropper in the 500mg Drops or 32mg per dropper in the 1000mg Drops. We use organic coconut-derived MCT Oil with Capric Acid (C8) and Caprylic Acid (C10). Our natural and healthy flavors come from a fruit-derived cherry and tangerine coconut-derived MCT flavoring. We mix these flavors with a tangerine essential oil, to mimic the terpene profile of the Forbidden Fruit strain.

With so many artificial flavors on the market today, we believe other companies should spend slightly more on their cost to provide healthier flavors. We got sick of seeing “natural flavors” with no transparency, so we figured out a better way. Not only is the CBD in the dropper healthy for you, but every single ingredient in the dropper aids in optimal human health. 


We recommend using Spekr CBD Drops as a sublingual for fast and efficient dosing. Fill up the dropper and squeeze the dropper under your tongue. Let the oil sit under your tongue for 30-60 seconds, then swallow the oil. The reason we recommend putting the oil under your tongue is because of the large amount of nerve endings there, allowing the CBD to absorb effectively into your body.

You can use other methods such as pouring the oil over your food or swallowing it immediately, providing a more time release effect.


Spekr’s full 500mg CBD Drops equal to 16mg CBD/full dropper (1ml) & the 1000mg CBD Drops equal to 32mg CBD/full dropper (1ml).  This is one base dose of CBD. Start at this dose and work your way up as needed.

Every human has an endocannabinoid system, receptor strengths, a metabolism, and body that differs from each other. That means you ultimately need to figure out what level of dosing works best for your body. Dosing is also dependent on what you are using CBD for. For example, someone using CBD for anxiety will typically need a much lower dose than someone using it for cancer.

The great thing about CBD is you can take higher doses without worrying about toxic physical effects. There are no recorded deaths of anyone ever dying from CBD ingestion and higher doses of CBD have been shown to heal the body over time.  


Spekr CBD Drops have many beneficial applications. You can use our CBD Drops as an anti-anxiety, stress-relief, anti-paranoia, for total body pain relief, muscle, joint and tendon relief, cancer, autoimmune disorders, headaches, cramps, sleep, pre/post workout or just part of your daily regime for optimal human health. CBD helps promote overall homeostasis which is key for a stable equilibrium and optimal health.



**The CBD in all Spekr products is 100% hemp-derived with zero-THC 

**This product does NOT get you high and will not show up on drug tests.

**By one full dose, we mean the full dropper, filled to 1 ml. Individual tiny drops are NOT considered single doses.

**All sales final. 

ONE BOTTLE = 30ml = 500mg CBD / 1000mg CBD 

ONE FULL DROPPER = 1 ml = 16mg CBD / 32mg CBD

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